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must have been something I ate, not even if you paid me dude, eww cooties, general disatisfaction

Oh dear. She's stuck in an infinite loop and he's an idiot

Well, that's love for you, I guess

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i swear to god that fish was this big, LA face and an Oakland booty
So I've been laid up with some sort of death cold and I've watched every single episode of Arrested Development. And now I'm bored. So ask me a question - fandomy or writing-related or not - and I will answer it, probably.

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Tell me of your love for Sam Winchester!

That's not a question! That's a demand! Oh well, I'll answer it anyway.

So first off, to be perfectly shallow, I love tall men. Plus Jared Padelacki has the dimples and the grin and the big cow eyes and those shoulders, and I am weak in the knees, mrrow. But I also enjoy the idea of the intellectual rebel, the person who has sat down and thought it out and realized things could be better, and Sammy was one of those too.

Plus! Also, he a magic moon baby, which I like. But more than that, he's this very specific and rare character type I find very appealing, sort of the reluctant messiah/anti-christ figure. But more than that, the person who knows of their great destiny and doesn't want it, but doesn't fight against it all bratty-like. Just resigns themselves to the reality of the situation, to their power and future and the responsibility of that. Sort of the weary boy-king. You cannot tell me that weary boy-kings aren't pretty awesome.

... Man, I am a lot less coherent than I thought I was, jeesh.

I've been meaning to start watching that..

What was the first fandom you got really into, and when did that happen?

Oh, gosh... well, I've been a nerd for a long time. Probably Escaflowne, when I was fifteen-sixteen. That was the first one I seriously wrote for at any rate although thankfully all of that work's been lost to time.

Like you said! Tell me a story about one or more of our OCs that I don't already know.

For a value of a story equaling nothing happens remotely at all

Less than a year in, when they were moving in together, Frank had a dream that he and Randy had a baby. In the dream there was no explanation of where the baby came from, although it had a bigger smile than Frank felt he could ever pass on to a baby, but they carted it around to the park and Frank carried it on his shoulders and cooed at it when it fussed. It was all very pleasant in the dream but Frank woke up with cold sweat streaming down the back of his neck.

He told Paul about it the next week in their phone session. He didn't want to at first, but by then it was just second nature to tell Paul these things. Paul chalked it up to Frank being stressed about moving in with Randy, this big life change, but privately Frank thought about Justine, her dreams of a big family. He thought about his own huge family, the thousands of scandals and taboos. He thought about closing in on forty and being childless and making a life with someone with whom children would have to be, at the very least, a dedicated decision.

Randy broke a plate unpacking and they had a small fight over assembling the vacuum to clean it up. By the time they settled into bed, sore and exhausted and cranky, Frank had forgotten his train of thought. He had another dream that night about his father, but although he tried to chase the wisps of it over breakfast he didn't quite remember it in the morning.

Oh, I like my story a lot.

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