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must have been something I ate, not even if you paid me dude, eww cooties, general disatisfaction

Oh dear. She's stuck in an infinite loop and he's an idiot

Well, that's love for you, I guess

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bad timing
must have been something I ate, not even if you paid me dude, eww cooties, general disatisfaction
It was basically impossible for me to watch Merlin after the fourth word of John Hurt's prologue-y voiceover was warlock.

... Plus it was pretty boring.

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like -- like bandom, in a sense?

dude, i've heard it is complete crap and yet so many people on my flist are watching it now. horrifying.

bandom is at least period accurate

It was bad, but not in an entertaining, let's have a grand old time making fun of it way. It was just... blah. Profoundly mediocre.

bandom: STRANGELY INTO MERLIN. i don't know.

which is a shame. i mean, who doesn't love a good arthurian tale? besides, i don't know, maybe clarke? into a different sort of arthurian tale, i suspect!

shit, that was a bad joke. my apologies.

the ever-shifting tides of fandom, I guess.

Yes, I like Arthurian interpretations and terrible television, so this was disappointing all around.

pun: ignored.

... Man, I either would have suffered through /even more/ if that comic had existed at the time, or bailed all the sooner. I'm not sure which.

Poor, poor John Hurt.

I didn't find it actively painful or anything. It was a perfectly serviceable sort of thing for what it was. But it totally failed to engage me. Plus honestly I spend like a fifth of my time remembering Penny Arcade quotes anyway.

Whenever I hear the word warlock I think of this story I wrote once where I used the word to refer to a male witch and got told off because apparently (to Wiccans, I believe) it refers just to a witch who has been dishonoured.

... but I enjoyed Merlin all the same.

I've always believed warlock meant a boy-witch too, but I guess I'm not that familiar with Wiccan terminology. KNOWLEDGE!

Wikipedia sez "Warlocks are, among historic Christian traditions, said to be the male equivalent of witches (usually in the pejorative sense of Europe's Middle Ages), and were said to ride pitchforks instead of broomsticks which normally witches would ride."

Oh my.

It also mentions the Wicca definition, though.

I-I watched Merlin. But then, I also read Twilight. Ylfdragon: GOOD TASTE OPTIONAL.

(I also watched all of Andromeda. I don't knoooow.)

At least I'm aware it's bad?

I am in no position to judge anyone's taste in guilty pleasures. I like some really shameful stuff. Merlin just didn't float my boat is all.

I have always had a genetic weakness for bad sci-fi. I guess it applies to fantasy as well? I blame my father.

I've even watched /Torchwood/ in it's entirety.

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