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must have been something I ate, not even if you paid me dude, eww cooties, general disatisfaction

Oh dear. She's stuck in an infinite loop and he's an idiot

Well, that's love for you, I guess

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au revoir, mon petit
must have been something I ate, not even if you paid me dude, eww cooties, general disatisfaction
So I have been dissatisfied with Supernatural's current season for a while now. I've been meaning to make a post, but then my friends and I had a conversation that essentially summed up everything I think went wrong. Since they are often more eloquent than I, I decided just to reprint it.

Also ladysisyphus has to put a dollar in the Jonas Jar (the jar in which you put a dollar every time you mention the Jonas brothers in polite company).

Also, spoilers. Obviously.

sodomquake: ...yeah, I'm with Lyn, I think we might stick out this season but then I think it's time to see other people
sodomquake: Anyway, we were talking about this last week, how basically Supernatural's creators are just /so angry/ that women enjoy their show because they /hate women so much/, and are so preoccupied with trying to piss off all those women as much as humanly possible per episode that they have sort of forgotten to make a TV show in between.
sodomquake: And you know, at that point, I'm not interested anymore.
ladysisyphus: Season 5: Mysogynistical
sodomquake: and what I have heard in the way of spoilers for next season has made me go 'check please'
sodomquake: ...I feel like I probably said all this all already while I was drunk, and if so I apologize, I'll stop now. But this is sort of sad! It's the end of an era.
relvetica: If a woman likes it, it is automatically invalidated.
sodomquake: So true!
sodomquake: And if the woman likes it and think it's /gay/, you pretty much have to set yourself on fire like a buddhist monk or something.
lynadyndyn: "The show just stopped being about what the show is actually about."
ladysisyphus: It took Sam and Dean away from one another."
lynadyndyn: "Also, adding another brother is just.... yeah, no dessert, I'll just take the cheque please."
sodomquake: "It became about hating women! i think pretty much"
sodomquake: go away, no gurlz alloud
lynadyndyn: you have clearly run out of ideas, I'm tired of your angel, it is time to go home.
ladysisyphus: comments, "Did we not all learn from the X-Files that the surest way -- the SUREST way -- to disaster is to split up the OTP?>"
relvetica: another brother, really?
ladysisyphus: yeah.
ladysisyphus: another, younger brother.
relvetica what a terrible idea!
ladysisyphus: maybe they can start a band.
lynadyndyn: well-played
ladysisyphus: will take the Jonas reference penalty.
sodomquake: that is just like the worst idea any human has ever had
lynadyndyn: I KNOW
sodomquake: that is like a self-parody of a bad idea
relvetica: what a terrible, fanficky idea
lynadyndyn: it's like, a mockery of what they would do when they ran out of storylines!
lynadyndyn: also, we all love Dean, but why is it The Dean Show when Sam is... you know... the antichrist?
lynadyndyn: isn't that the more interesting angle?
lynadyndyn: that one of them is the antichrist?
beeblebabe: I just want there to be monsters of the week!
beeblebabe: I liked it best when they were basically the Traveling Snopes Road Show
relvetica says, "All I had heard about the new season is that the angel is being added to the core cast, which is nice, I guess, he's very attractive, but he sure is boring."
ladysisyphus: loves that angel, but ... but....
relvetica I have never seen him do anything interesting!
relvetica he just stands there going :/
lynadyndyn: and if this season was /actually/ about Dean being chosen by heaven to fight his brother, the antichrist, that would be interesting, but instead it's been entirely various angels saying HAVE SELF-ESTEEM, DEAN
lynadyndyn: HERE IS A TEDDY BEAR
ladysisyphus: will admit my great love for the angel is residual from his first few appearances.
lynadyndyn: Oh, Castiel's opening kicked ass! But then he got boring real quick.
ladysisyphus: back when his :I face /was/ interesting.
lynadyndyn: he had a great first line and they never topped it.
ladysisyphus: did say after his very first line, they will never do anything that good with him ever again -- yeah!
ladysisyphus: and they didn't.
beeblebabe: what was his first line?
ladysisyphus: 'I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.'
beeblebabe: well, hot
sodomquake: i know rite
ladysisyphus: as a response to 'Who are you?'
sodomquake: that really is the issue, that this season started off all WE'RE GOING TO HAVE ANGELS AND SHIT IS GOING TO GET REAL AND THERE WILL BE EPIC APOCALYPTIC ANGEL SHENANIGANS AND IT WILL BE AWESOME, and then the rest of the season was all people standing around and checking their watches, because the show is not really equipped for that sort of thing.
sodomquake: relates, "It just, there was /such/ promise for about thirty seconds and then pretty much for everything else you should picture that dancing dwarf I drew going LALI LALI"
ladysisyphus: wants to know, "Mostly I get uncomfortable when they set up OMG TEH APOCALYPSE and then have monster-of-the-week episodes, because I'm sitting here thinking, why are you investigating /movie monsters/ at /Oktoberfest/ when the /world is ending/???"
ladysisyphus: and really, once an angel has expressed a vested interest in your continued survival, life-threatening situations get a lot less dire.
sodomquake: there have not been a lot of writing team cooperation triumphs this season.
ladysisyphus: except the office AU.

So goodbye, Supernatural! It has been an awesome trip and I will treasure the memories, but I don't want to waste more of my time being mad about how you've gone downhill when I can waste it being mad about more entertaining things.

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"beeblebabe: I liked it best when they were basically the Traveling Snopes Road Show"

THANK YOU WHIT, that is pretty much exactly the sentiment I've been trying to capture but end up expressing as "fffffffffffff".

Didn't hate the third brother 'cause y'know, as Sam pointed out, not impossible, but glad third brother is dead and will hopefully never appear again (but then again, hell, even seeing an eviscerated corpse on screen doesn't necessarily mean permadead on this damn show)

I liked the office AU best. Corporate douchebag Dean was pretty much the best thing ever.

I really hated corporate douchebag Dean! The entire character-formation montage of him was one big HURR HURR LOOK HOW EFFEMINATE AND LAME HE IS WHEN HE ISN'T KILLING THINGS, HURR HURR. Which irritated me because dude, a guy should be allowed to watch Project Runway without being looked down upon in this great society of ours.

I had a theory for a little while after seeing the promo for the third brother episode that they were introducing him just to have a new Winchester to kill off at the end of the season. Like, I don't know, Sam's sacrificial lamb or something. Alas.

i think there's going to be a fifth season too, aren't you stoked

i agree with this post, ladieeeeez. :( good on you kids for trying to finish out the season; i tapped out, gosh, after the two anna episodes, because the show felt like it was going places i didn't want to follow. not even castiel's adorable :I face could get me through the shit i've heard you witnessed!

to me, the saddest thing about this whole fourth season have been the women in fandom who will still defend this show and all its craptastic, girl-slaying glory to their DYING BREATH. part of me wants to link your post and be like, SEE IT'S NOT JUST ME YOU DUMB ASSES, but i can think of at least one person -- actually, on my flist anymore it probably is just one person, but fuck if she isn't a loud MY WORD IS LAW sort of girl -- who will tell me, you and your friends are wrong and your opinions are bad and you should feel bad, not because she disagrees it's become a steaming pile of shit but because she is still so hopeful it will become awesome again. and honey, no: i think we've reached the point where awesomeness never returns, because kripke hates you fuckers for doing things like asking about sam and dean being gay for each other at cons. i firmly believe fandom made this show eat itself, and i'm done with being a part of that.

Re: i think there's going to be a fifth season too, aren't you stoked

To be honest I haven't seen a ton of this season - I stopped watching midway through because I felt like it had lost a certain... this sounds corny, but a certain joy. One of the reasons I've always liked the show was that the show itself was just having a ton of fun getting itself made, but then it got grim and plodding when it should have been gearing up for AWESOME ANGELS VS. DEMONS DEATH MATCH WATCH SAM AND DEAN MAKE COW EYES AT EACH OTHER IN THE MIDDLE OF IT.

And I've always been one of those fans who is MORTALLY embarrassed when tactless girls at cons ask if the actors have read the fanfiction, because it is not their world, fangirls!! They are actors who have personal trainers and D-list girlfriends and fly back and forth between Vancouver and LA! Fanfiction should not be part of their world! But at the same time, Kripke's attitude towards his show has always been 'It's meaningful, man!! It's not just some fucking One Tree Hill knock-off with demons!!!' And in fact it is a One Tree Hill knock-off with demon. You are no Joss Whedon, sir, and perhaps the most telling hallmark of that is you let the weirdo fringe fans get you deep where you live. Even if this is your artistic vision, allow that some people are going to go all crazy-town over it because that's how the internet rolls.

I have similar problems with Aaron Sorkin, now that I think about it, who wrote an entire series as revenge against his audience and who is also a blowhard. STOP BEING BLOWHARDS, SHOW RUNNERS.

Forgive my intrusion -- somehow I got pointed at =In Jerusalem Next Year= and came here to see at which point the author gave up on SPN.

Just had to say:
You and your friends are right and your opinions are good and you should feel good.

I'm still in the fandom, but I have absolutely no criticism of the many fine people who are not.

Through my eyes, awesomeness did return here and there, and continues to make visits even today. But the craptasticness has been more reliable.

I disagree about this being fandom's fault. There's always been that tiny minority of fans who will confront actors with fanfiction at cons before being discovered and stopped. This is not a new phenomenon indigenous to SPN. Actors and showrunners have been coping with it, well or ill, for decades. A 21st Century show eating itself because of some idiots at a con -- I think the show should own its own mistakes.

A new brother, seriously? I wish shows wouldn't follow that particular Whedon plot twist.

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